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FLYBOARD BALTIC is offical distributor on ZAPATA RACING
Two hours ago
  FLYBOARD BALTIC  is offical distributor on ZAPATA RACING in Estonia Latvia Lithuania Russia Delivery throughout Russia (Москва и Московская Область; Санкт-Петербург и Ленинградская Область; Астраханская область и Астрахань; Архангельская область; Брянская область и Брянск; Владимирская область и Владимир; Волгоградская область и Волгоград; Вологодская область, Вологда и Череповец; ...
10 August at 09:46
Today is hot weather!
We`re waiting for you in Narva-Jõesuu beach!
You can rent JET SKI! This is a mixture of pleasure and adrenaline provided by speed, the sea! 20 euro – 10 min ! +372 58 22 81 92
+372 55 86 766  
18/08/18 Flyboard in Tallinn
7 August at 18:06
18/08/2018 Saturday we have a flyboard school. FlyBoard is one of the safest types of extreme sports. Let's help for the first time to stand on the board for a beginner. Even children can fly. If you want to join our wonderful team - Welcome to our Flyboard Baltic School! Buy a ticket here. You can book your time here. In Tallinn we are in Pirita Sadam.
7 August at 11:31
Sale, rental, maintenance and advice on the use of flyboard, hoverboard, jetpack and flyride. Delivery throughout Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
20% discount Flyboard 20 min
4 August at 13:51
buy a ticket with a 20% discount until 18/08/2018
You get a cooling charge of energy for the weekend.
1 August at 09:41
02/08+03/08 we invite everyone to spend the end of the week extremely. On such hot days, you get a cooling charge of energy for the weekend.
Speedboat trips
30 July at 09:37
Water trip on the sea- Narva-Jõesuu - Toila! Speedboat trips - is a memorable event for a birthday or a company summer retreat; it can also be enjoyed with a group of friends.  This is perfect for observing nature! The participants can have at 2-3 hour adventure on sea. Voyages on the speedboat ship  in the waters of Ida-Virumaa 25 eur- person Our speedboat ...
27 July at 15:56
You can rent JET SKI  here in Narva-Jõesuu beach. Every day-  12.00 from 20.00    Good price! 20 eur-10 min We have a Banana Boat! Banana Boat Ride – A fun watersport to enjoy with family and friends +372 58 22 81 92
+372 55 86 766
Flyboard show.
26 July at 10:25
Flyboard Show-most entertaining and non-standard show on the water. We offer cooperation with your  company in shows and corporate parties. We have a lot of experience in organizing the Flyboard show.  We guarantee - positive emotions, we make a good showing! Tel. +372 558 6766 E-post:
Make your child a present !
29 June at 13:42
Make your child a present ! Our experienced instructor will take a ride with your child on a flyboard! 5 min- 15 eur 10 min- 20 eur       Tel. +372 558 6766 E-post:

The season 2018 is open


Jetpack by ZR® features
2 June 2015


Jetpack by ZR® is a system allowing the user to fly in a seated position.

It is less demanding on the riders balance and dexterity. Such as the Flyboard® Pro Series, it utilizes the latest transparent hydraulic technologies and ultra-modern design. It is equipped with a 5 points harness manufactured by an FIA homologated company (International Automobile Federation) as well as a release clip triggered by finger pressure.

Now everyone can fly!



  • Hydrodynamic efficiency improved by 32%
  • 50% lighter than competing products
  • Futuristic design with a transparent hydraulic system allowing users to see the water flow
  • Seat formed entirely in buoyant foam
  • Compatible with the wireless EMK with no modifications required (the wireless EMK is compatible with all the ZR products)
  • 5 points harness (racing car style) releasable by pressing the button
  • Diameter, orientation and angle of the nozzles adjustable forward or backwards to optimize the use and compatibility with the PWC power
  • A rotation system compatible with the entire range of Zapata Racing products
  • U pipe equipped with a propulsion system. The PWC is propelled to increase the movement speed
  • Turbine interface equipped with a Venturi effect (system allowing an evacuation of the water while using the Jetpack by ZR®)
First day of summer
1 June 2015

Then came the first day of summer! FlyBoard Baltic Team wishes you a bright and beautiful summer flights!

You can book a flight on our website, Flyboard flights Flyborde possible in Narva, Tallinn (Pirita) and Narva - Jõesuu. Flying a hoverboard possible only in Narva-Jõesuu and Tallinn (Pirita). All additional information here

2015 NAFBC Schedule
29 May 2015

The organizers 2015 North American Flyboard Championship have published the schedule!

Flyboard in movies
28 May 2015

Flyboard now on the big screen, is a film in the cinema Self/less, in which a professional athlete performs tricks. In a small segment of the trailer can be seen Flyboard.

This is not the first time when flying to Flyboard used in films, in the film Bang Bang from Bollywood (analog Hollywood California).

The film Bang Bang actor Hrithik Roshan performs various tricks, including on Flyboard.

You're shooting video, movie or TV show, FlyBoard Baltic expects from you any suggestions for cooperation.
Corporate event and shows, the price on our website, special offers and co send an email to or call +372 558 6766.

Never stop dreaming
27 May 2015

Today Zapara Racing introduced new 2015 product, JET PACK by ZR®, futuristic design, new materials and features to make your summer the coolest ever! 

Recall that recently introduced a new Flyboard

Subscribe to news from FlyBoard Baltic, because soon there will be new photos and videos from the new flights Flybord and JET PACK.

Airboard prototype
26 May 2015

It's time to new inventions by Zapata Racing, Franky Zapata is already testing airboard prototype. The bigest issue was the flight time, now it corrects.

We are waiting for a new board!

Plastic in Flyboard
25 May 2015

Franky Zapata shows how durable plastic used in Flyboard.

All products Zapata Racing, you can buy from us, prices are published on the site

Open season flights
22 May 2015

Today open season flights to Flaybord in Narva! Anyone who wants to see the flights and perform tricks can come to Narva quarry. (The exact coordinates on our website

Come and try it with Flaybord you can fly!!!

Get acquainted with our prices can be here

All additional information on our website or by phone +372 558 6766 (Eduard).

We are in social networks
21 May 2015

If you want to keep abreast of industry news Flyboard, FlyBoard Baltic news, you will be very convenient to follow our news on social networks. And the news we always nicest. This new promotions, sales, new collections and more.

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