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Do you like sports?

Like the feeling of increased adrenaline?

If you want something unusual?

Do you think it is possible to cut through the air on a jet skateboard in the movie "Back to the Future"?

We offer you a new, trendy and extremely exciting sport - Flyboard!

Marseille inventor Franky Zapata designed water jet board — Flyboard, allowing to take off over the water like a dolphin to a height of several meters. It is powered by a pump that provides a jet stream through a jet ski. Minimum effort for work - 100 horsepower and a maximum height to which it can lift the person is 10 meters!

Franky Zapata - Professional Rider in Jet Ski and creator of new water-powered jet-pack called Flyboard. I started the jet in 1996, when I was 17 years old, by the smallest category, which is the original stand up Jet Ski, in France Championship

Plunge forward in the sense of the world of new experiences and opportunities with Flyboard Baltic!

FlyBoard Baltic is official dealer Zapata Racing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Lease, sale of boards, show, training, skating. Headquartered in the city of Narva, Kulgu 17. Orders and phone calls +372 558 6766.