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Flights to Flaybord, Hoverboard, JetpackNEW and riding Jet Ski

Rent a Waverunner (Jet Ski) is only possible in the Narva-Jõesuu.Flying a hoverboard possible only in Narva-Jõesuu and Tallinn (Pirita).


Courses in vocational school FlyBoard

Take a course at a vocational school FlyBoard.

Package prices:

  • 300€ - 8 flights of 20 minutes and 8 theoretical classes.
  • 210€ - 8 flights of 10minutes and 8 theoretical classes


FlyBoard Show

Intrigue your event offers one of the most spectacular and unique show in the world of water. FlyBoard Show - is a completely new direction that will make your event unforgettable. We prepare unique projects, workshops and demonstrations for all the waters - the sea, river, swimming pool.

Our tricks and possibilities are: a beautiful flight over water flight out of the water, somersaults, flips in the air, diving dolphin, high diving ~ 7 - 10 meters, climbing to a height of 14ti meters and a rapid descent, and many other tricks (all tricks depend on the width and depth of the reservoir).

Our tricks and the whole show can be tailored to your requirements.

Show price 200 euros for 15 - 20 minutes.

Plus costs depend on the place of Providence event.


Rental kit for corporate events

The cost of services on-site at corporate events include:

  • Flyboard kit in place measures (instructor + jetski + car + Flyboard)
  • The theoretical instruction of the client
  • Wetsuits (M, L, XL)
  • Life jacket
  • Helmet
  • 6 pure flight time, which is equal to 18 people for 20 minutes

Auspicious time work from 9-13, 13-14 lunch, 14-19.

One person takes about 35-40 minutes.

It is desirable that the descent was for the car to the water to easily pull and lift equipment.

Arrive at your place, get down, connect the equipment. Putting all customers organize theoretical familiarity with technology management and security, we select and swimming costumes.

We desire to know beforehand the height and weight of customers.


The cost of the event is 1250 euro + VAT - basic service


Video and photo shooting your flight to Flyboard

After the flight do a DVD with your flight.

DVD cost:

  • 20 euro - video and photo
  • 15 euro - only video
  • 10 euro- only photo